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Why Vermont Shred

WHY Vermont Shred

There are a number of important reasons to partner with Vermont Shred for document destruction needs including the following:

Vermont Shred Allows You to Focus on the Business of Your Business
Utilizing Vermont Shred helps you to stop spending time and energy destroying your documents and allows you focus on the business of doing your business. The process is simple: put all of your private and confidential documents in the secure Vermont Shred bins and we’ll handle the rest.

Vermont Shred is Safe and Secure
Vermont Shred helps to ensures that laws and legislations related to private and/or confidential documents are being followed. Vermont Shred is subject to independent audits which confirm our ability to meet all security, confidentiality and insurance requirements.

Vermont Shred Will Save You Money
Partnering with Vermont Shred allows you to stop spending money to have members of your own team ignore their essential tasks to spend hours upon hours shredding your documents. You no longer have to occur the costs of documents shredders (many being low-end models that are inefficient and don’t make it past the one year mark) nor the electricity costs to operate them for hours on end.

Vermont Shred is Professional, Efficient and Reliable
When you utilize Vermont Shred you can rest assured that your document shredding needs are being handled in a professional, efficient and reliable manner. We make sure that all of your confidential documents are being destroyed within the highest chain of security by highly trained members of our team.

Vermont Shred Reduces Your Waste
With Vermont Shred you will reduce the amount of waste you produce in your workplace. Simply use the Vermont Shred bins for all of your paper disposal needs.

Vermont Shred Promotes Recycling Efforts
After we carefully determine that each and every confidential documents is shredded beyond recognition Vermont Shred engages in paper recycling processes. This allows you to confident that you business is part of waste reduction endeavors that reduce the impact of landfills.

Vermont Shred consistently offers all of these benefits and we look forward to establishing a relationship with you and your business.